About Us

Super Nintendo CartridgesJC Video Games is a manufacturer of brand new Nintendo NES, Super Nintendo, and Sega Genesis game titles which have never been officially licensed, and are either fan-created or “home brewed”. All of our titles are completely royalty-free. Many of the titles are based on original content released in Japan or Europe and others are re-mastered and extended versions of original games.

Our games are not "fake", they are actual physical cartridges, manufactured to be played in a Super Nintendo, Nintendo (NES), or Sega Genesis. These titles were never released as official games in North America, and we do not promote these games as any kind of original collection supplement; they are not meant to replace or substitute original titles.

Our Standards

Our manufacturing standards are very high. We do not use re-claimed cartridge parts or “donor cards”. We source all brand-new parts and components to build our games. Everything from the chips, resistors, and board, to the case and label – everything is brand-new; programmed and assembled by us. We also design (sourcing some graphics) and print our own custom labels and boxes. Additionally, our game boards are designed to allow the battery to be easily replaced – no soldering required.

Specific Features

  • fan-favourite titles with new content
  • brand new cartridge parts and components
  • custom designed artwork for labels and boxes
  • collection quality packaging
  • excellent customer service

JC Video Games Wholesale Inquires

We are excited to offer the opportunity to purchase our Video Games at wholesale cost. We have an excellent wholesale program with very competitive price points and dedicated Sales Representatives to take care of all customer service needs. Click here for more information.